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CF10 Public Beta

On the off chance that you haven't already heard, ColdFusion 10 is now in public beta, and with it, an update for ColdFusion Builder 2. Go grab them from Adobe Labs!

CFUnited 2010: Early Bird Ends Soon!

You've only got 3 days left to get the lowest possible price for CFUnited 2010!

I didn't have the pleasure of attending last year, so I'm not familiar with the Landsdowne Resort, but I've been to CFUnited a few times prior to that and always found it to be beneficial for training, researching what I should learn next, and of course networking. It also doesn't hurt that you get to spend a few days hanging out with a bunch of like-minded geeks in such a fun and diverse location as Washington D.C.

I'll be there, and I hope you will too. Early Bird registration prices end on January 8th, so today is the day to prod your boss and let him or her know how much you want to go! And don't forget, as a member of our user group, you get $50 off of the registration fee!

Two Great Meetings!

Mark your calendars, we've got two awesome meeting scheduled within the next month!

First up, Thursday May 26th we have Mark Drew of CFEclipse, Reactor and ColdSpring fame all the way from London! Mark will be giving his awesome Better Living through ColdSpring talk, with some extra tidbits thrown in along the way. This is a amazing opportunity to spend a evening with one of the biggest names in our community, so don't miss it! We'll be meeting at 5:45 at Huntsman Hall at Wharton, Room F90, 3730 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Next up we have a special event with the always exciting Adam Lehman, Adobe's ColdFusion Product Manager, bringing us the 2009 Adobe Flex/Flash Catalyst and ColdFusion 9/Bolt tour. Come out and see the exciting new features of the CF Server and IDE, as well as brand the new versions of Flex and Flash.

This is a combined meeting with the Philly Flash and Flex User Groups at Philadelphia University, 4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144

See you there!

Adobe CS4 Launch Party - September 25th

Are you ready for something brilliant? Adobe has once again raised the bar with their new suite of tools, Adobe CS4. This is the latest and greatest release of Adobe's creative tools for developers, designers, and photographers. The official launch is on September 23rd. If you would like to participate in the live "webcast" launch, you can sign up here.

The Philly CFUG, in association with the Philly Flex User Group and the Philly Flash User Group will be holding our own party on Thursday, September 25th. Location is TBD, but will most likely be in Philadelphia.

Come and see how the Adobe Creative Suite 4 can help you get to brilliant faster!

Next CFUG meeting August 8th!

I want to get the word out as early as possible, because we've got a great one lined up for August 8th at 5:30. I am pleased to welcome Gert Franz, CEO of Railo and member of the new CFML advisory board. If you have not yet had a chance to take a look at Railo, I would strongly suggest coming, August 8th is a Friday, so plan early! Here's a little background about Gert and Railo.

Railo (www.railo-technologies.com) is a CFML engine that runs on a wide variety of Java servlet engines, and provides a cost-effective, high performance alternative to using Adobe's ColdFusion engine. As you may have heard, at the Scotch on the Rocks ColdFusion conference in Scotland in June, Railo announced that they are partnering with JBoss to convert their software to a completely free, open-source offering.

Ben Forta (Adobe) had some very nice things to say about it on his blog recently: http://www.forta.com/blog/index.cfm/2008/6/8/An-Open-Message-To-Gert-Franz-and-Railo. Gert Franz, CEO of Railo and member of the recently founded CFML advisory committee, will be visiting to present an overview of Railo, and what the advantages of using Railo are for CFML developers. He'll also be talking about the upcoming open-source conversion of Railo, and what that means for the community and the developers. Of course, Gert will have some free versions of the Railo software to hand out, and some other goodies as well.

Gert Franz was born in 1967 and lives in Switzerland since 1998, somewhere next to Zurich. He's one of the founders of Railo Technologies GmbH and accompanied the development from when it started back in 2001. Next to the development of Railo he worked as a system architect, engineer and DBA where one of his favorite web projects was for instance www.zinodavidoff.com. He's addicted to problem solving, performance and database tuning (especially SQL Server). Gert is a father of three and boyfriend of one. He studied Physics in Munich some (many :-)) years ago.

We'll be meeting at Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Room JMHH G50.

See you there!

Where's ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is doing exceptionally well in the marketplace, has strong support from upper levels of Adobe management and is still as easy and powerful as ever. Yet one nagging question remains: where does it fit in to the new/fresh/exciting world of Flex and AIR or rich internet applications in general?

The CF community does tend to get a little too much like Chicken Little when we see Adobe give a Flex demo using a PHP or (forbid the thought) .NET back end; at times is a little embarrassing. CF is not the only app server on the market and there are lots of people who could use an introduction to Adobe "stuff" on their own terms, using tools they're already comfortable with. Once we've hooked them with that, then we can show them how stupid simple it is to use CF instead.

Jared Rypka-Hauer interviewed Bruce Chizen, then-CEO of Adobe and this is what he had to say:

"From our perspective, there is no other platform in existence that can be used to build powerful, flexible backends for Rich Internet Applications as quickly and competently as can be done with ColdFusion. It will support any RIA technology, be it Flex, Flash, AJAX or AIR. It's really, from our perspective, the glue that holds everything else together."

The rest of the interview is here, which I found to be a fascinating read. Adobe is strongly backing CF (best sales growth ever tends to capture executive eyeballs), which is even further reinforced if you consider the investment it must have taken to make ColdFusion 8 as feature-packed as it is. As Adam and Tim told us when they visited last summer, they raided the pantry of Adobe technologies (the expensive ones) and tossed them in to the CF8 feature set. Try doing that if your product isn't valued and respected! Not entirely coincidentally, these same technologies are what makes using CF as a backend for RIAs so darn effective and powerful. Image functionality, PDF generation and manipulation, Exchange integration, LiveCycle integration - doing all of that any other way would cost far more than the $1100 cost of entry. By "cost" I not only mean real products to do each of those but also the billable time lost creating it yourself.

ColdFusion has a fantastic ROI. Those of us who have been working with it for any length of time know how much faster we can get things done in CF. That's even more important now - Flex/AIR applications simply take more time to build. We've been doing Flex development for about a year and a half now. That pales in comparison to the time we've put in with ColdFusion, but it's enough to get a good feel for what a full development cycle takes.

Think about it this way: at the end of the day, your clients/customers/coworkers see your application's interface, not your Reactor/ColdSpring/Mach-ii/Fusebox/roll-your-own-framework service tier. Build that robust and efficient backend in little time with CF (don't forget your unit tests!) and then focus on the user experience. Add those UI widgets that make life easier for the end user. Spend extra time with your designer to make it look and behave better than any HTML webapp you've ever created. If you're writing backend services on a platform that doesn't simplify this task as much as CF does, you're wasting precious time and shortchanging the folks who will have to live with your application. ROI is not only financial, but personal.

Anyway, this started off as a "ColdFusion is the keystone in Adobe's RIA strategy" post and veered off into developer land. Point is, ColdFusion makes it easy build software to drive Flex applications ( - is that easy enough?) in a logical, orderly and efficient fashion. Without CF, Flex development gets harder. Now if only we could bring more CF-like syntax and structure to Flex development, then we'd be cookin'...

See you all tonight!

CF8 Hidden Gems

Charlie has a way of finding stuff that not too many people know about in ColdFusion. Thankfully, he's so community-minded that he puts together presentations on the cool stuff he finds!

Ben Nadel posted a link to a CF8 hidden gems PDF and presentation that Charlie did recently. If you're just getting in to CF8, this is well worth a look.

Charlie Arehart On ColdFusion 8's Hidden Gems


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